A Marketing-Focused Journey Through Volleyball Media Day

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Step into the dynamic world of Volleyball, where every spike, every dive, and every smile is a testament to the passion for the game. Volleyball Media Day, traditionally a parent-focused event for team and player photos, took a bold twist in SMAQ's recent endeavor. This media day was meticulously designed to focus exclusively on marketing and branding.

The Purpose Redefined

While traditional Media Day events often cater to parents seeking tangible memories in the form of team and individual player photos for print, SMAQ Volleyball charted a new course. This media day was strategically tailored to focus exclusively on marketing and branding. The goal was to curate a collection of visuals to serve as powerful tools in the digital realm, shaping SMAQ's brand identity.

Setting the Stage

A Canvas for Branding

The studio setup, featuring a white backdrop and three studio lights, became more than just a background for individual and team shots. It transformed into a canvas where the vibrancy and spirit of SMAQ Volleyball could be captured, ready to be shared across various digital platforms.

Team Organization with Marketing in Mind

Two dedicated staffers were instrumental in the success of this marketing-focused media day. Their roles expanded beyond organization and scheduling, encompassing the strategic coordination necessary to capture shots that would not only please parents but also align with SMAQ's broader marketing objectives.


Beyond the Frame

Executing a photo shoot for marketing meant going beyond the traditional poses. Each player faced three different positions, with and without the volleyball, creating a diverse and engaging portfolio that would resonate with a broader audience.

Tailoring Expressions for Marketing Appeal

Coordinating with players of all ages required not just technical expertise but a keen eye for expressions that would translate well in marketing materials. Authenticity and enthusiasm became the focal points, ensuring that every shot reflected the true spirit of SMAQ Volleyball.

Overcoming Challenges

While navigating the challenges of time management and handling latecomers, SMAQ Volleyball remained steadfast in its commitment to the marketing agenda. Buffer times and clear communication were crucial in maintaining the delicate balance between creating valuable marketing content and meeting individual expectations.

Do's and Don'ts


  1. Plan Ahead: Develop a detailed schedule outlining specific time slots for each team, allowing for breaks and unforeseen delays.
  2. Engage with Players: Establish a rapport with players to capture genuine expressions. A comfortable and enthusiastic subject makes for compelling marketing content.
  3. Leverage Team Colors: Incorporate team colors into the backdrop or props to reinforce brand identity in the visuals.
  4. Capture Action Shots: Beyond posed shots, capture dynamic action shots during practice or warm-ups to showcase the team's intensity and dedication.

  1. Overlook Communication: Clearly communicate expectations to players and parents beforehand, ensuring everyone is aware of the marketing-focused nature of the event.
  2. Rush the Process: Allow sufficient time for each player to feel at ease in front of the camera. Rushed shots may lack the authenticity needed for effective marketing.
  3. Forget Diversity: Ensure a diverse representation of age groups, skill levels, and team dynamics to appeal to a broader audience.
  4. Neglect Post-Production: Invest time in post-production to enhance colors, clarity, and overall aesthetics, ensuring the final images align with SMAQ's brand standards.

Tips for Photographers

Real-Time Engagement

Interactive Displays: Set up real-time monitors displaying captured images. This not only keeps waiting players engaged but also builds anticipation and excitement.

Player Involvement: Encourage players to share their favorite shots on social media platforms, creating a buzz around the event and potentially boosting print sales.

On-the-Spot Editing: Showcase the magic of photography by doing quick edits and adjustments on-site. This provides players with a glimpse into the creative process and enhances their appreciation for the final product.

Personalized Previews: Offer players personalized previews of their photos, allowing them to select and customize prints on the spot.

Building Excitement

Create a Festive Atmosphere: Play energetic music, use team banners, and bring in cheerleaders or mascots to infuse energy and enthusiasm into the event.

Incentivize Participation: Consider introducing small contests or giveaways for players actively engaging in the photo shoot, creating a sense of friendly competition and camaraderie.

By incorporating these tips, photographers can turn a Sports Media Day into a memorable and engaging experience, not only for capturing stunning images but also for fostering a deeper connection between players, parents, and the SMAQ Volleyball brand.

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